1 – Exercise of the three lists

1 - Exercise of the three lists

The caregiver, together with the person being cared for, should take three sheets of paper. Then, the caregiver will write at the beginning of each sheet the following: “My strengths”; “My most important achievements”; “What I admire most about myself”. Then, the caregiver encourages the person being cared for to choose one of the leaves to start with. The person being cared for should reflect and share with the caregiver what they think when reading the title of the sheet and, later, write on it what they consider most appropriate. The caregiver should encourage the person being cared for to share and express their emotions. The caregiver should not judge and should positively reinforce the shares and conclusions reached by the person being cared for. In the end, when the sheets are completed, the caregiver and the cared person should think and decide together how they will frame the lists, so that they can be spread over three places at home where the cared person spends most of their time. If this is possible, the caregiver should negotiate with the person being cared for to leave the house to buy a frame to place the lists.