14 – How do you express anger?

14 - How do you express anger?

Check any points that apply to you

⃝   I am the authority and force my opinion on others, even if it means my showing anger to do so

⃝   I time my angry attacks well. I strike out when the other person is vulnerable, tired, involved in something

⃝   I have a  way of arguing that is unbendable. I monopolize the conversation, ignore the feelings of the other person, refuse to listen to the other person, or talk so much that the other person gives up.

⃝   I never forget a sin against me and let my anger build and build until I explode.

⃝   When I am angry, I shout, scream, throw things, hit or become violent.

⃝   I don’t get mad; I get even by getting revenge 

⃝   I walk out or refuse to talk after I have become angry. Then the other person has no chance to participate or fight back.

⃝   I use sarcasm or say things that are hurtful to others when I am angry.

⃝   I play people against each other.

⃝   I play a martyr role; I put guilt on others.

⃝   I never accept an apology; I hold a grudge for years if necessary.

⃝   I secretly collect ammunition for my next fight. I go through email messages, wallets, or listen in on phone conversations, so I use that information later against the other person.

⃝   I refuse to talk about my anger; talking would be a waste of time.

⃝   I say things when I am angry that are hurtful and irreversible.

⃝   I share the reasons for my anger with _______________, it will devastate him (or her) to know the truth.

⃝   If others are angry at me, I must fix it or fix them to make everything right.

The more statements you checked, the more unhealthy your way of expressing anger is.