16 – Compassion Practice

16 - Compassion Practice

The first step to cultivate compassion is to develop empathy for other people. If one of your closest loved one is physically or mentally suffering, try to imagine and see, hear and feel his or her pain.

Oneness Practice:Instead of thinking about differences between you and others, try to think about similarities.  

Act of Kindness Practice: Every day choose one small behaviour and make it as daily practice: a smile, a kind word, a favour, an errand for someone else, take time to listen, etc.

Affirmations: Chose one of the following statements and repeat it one week five times per day:

  • Just like me, this person has known sadness, despair, loneliness.
  • Just like me, this person is seeking to fill own needs.
  • Just like me, this person seeks happiness.
  • Just like me, this person tries to avoid suffering.
  • Just like me,…. (create your own sentences)