17 – A healing monologue

17 - A healing monologue

Stand in front of a mirror and repeat the following monologue to yourself three or four times a day until you can recite it almost automatically.

During ___________, the following situation happened: ________________. Whenever I remember what happened, I usually think ____________ (put in the thinking error here) and feel guilty. When I feel guilt about _______________, I need to remind myself that I am thinking incorrectly. Instead of thinking ____________, I need to view the situation as __________________ (put in the more positive, realistic thought). I also need to remember that I displayed the following strengths during the event ________________________ and can give myself credit for those strengths. It would be a mistake for me ro concentrate only on these good things, because I am guilty (in reality)  ___________________________ . However, it would also be wrong for me to concentrate on only the negative aspects of what happened.