2 – Meditation activity

2 - Meditation activity

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The caregiver should choose a room in the house where he can perform the meditation activity. You should prepare the environment in an engaging way (half light, candles, background music and some fragrance in the air that is pleasant for the caregiver and cared for). This phase of the activity can be done together with the caregiver and the person being cared for. Then, the caregiver downloads an application with guided meditation sessions or looks for a session on Youtube. The duration of the session should be discussed together with the person being cared for. When the meditation session is ready to be reproduced, the caregiver and caregiver will be able to enjoy that moment of calm and mindfulness. Later, if it is an activity that the caregiver likes, the caregiver may suggest the participation of a friend or another of the caregiver, to carry out a meditation session at home.