2 – My Cause of Anger

2 - My Cause of Anger

Anger can be a very disabling emotion while taking control of it is difficult It is important to change irrational thinking and negative self-talk.

Follow the next explorative steps.

This situation really upset me and caused me to feel anger:

Write a few sentences that describe you in a situation.

Now try to think of that situation in a different way. Ask yourself the following questions:

What were my needs in this situation?
How was I trying to get them met?
What were my fears?
What was my level of stress?
What events were influencing me?
What I didn’t know at that time that would helped the situation?
What skills did I use to react?
What skills did I lack?
What emotional limitations impacted me at that time?
What physical limitations influenced me?
What values and beliefs influenced how I behaved?
What rewards or sources of pleasure did I hope to get?
What resources did I have to help me?
What other resources did I need?
What would these questions lead you to say or write about the situation overall?

Now think about some alterantive ways to deal with the situation. Write at least 10 alternatives how to combat you anger: