3 – Calendar activity

3 - Calendar activity

The caregiver should get a sheet of paper and ask the person being cared to write down various activities that he / she really likes to do, that provide him / her with a real sense of well-being and happiness. After the activities have been chosen, the caregiver and the person cared for should think and plan what they will have to do for these activities to be carried out. Subsequently, the caregiver gives a calendar to the person being cared for so that she can distribute the activities that she envisioned over the months of the year. If there are more activities than months of the year, they can, in agreement, do two or more activities per month. In the end, caregiver and person cared for, they must sign a paper on how they commit themselves to carrying out the activities that they have proposed. As the activities are carried out, the person being cared for must mark the activity with a certain mark and with an X the activities that are not performed.