6 – SWOT Analysis

6 - SWOT Analysis

This activity should help you to look at your situation as caregiver in a constructive way; to name your strengths and weaknesses in the role of a caregiver; to name external factors, that are helpful (=opportunities) as well as those, that are threatening to the care giving.

Take a paper and divide it into four equally big parts. Write down in each window one of the following titles: my strengths, my weaknesses, external opportunities, external threats –

  • Ideally, your left side of the paper “internal strengths and external opportunities”, should be fuller, clearly named, and more dominant compared to the right side.
  • Regarding the parts “my weaknesses” and “external threats” – ask yourself with each point: “Can I have more control over this? Can I influence this? Can I change this? If so, try to come up with possible solutions.