Accettazione del disturbo

Acceptance of the disorder

  Faced with such expressive numbers of cases, it is important to identify how the family and the community have built the coexistence with the person with eating disorder, how it is accepted in both environments and what are the daily difficulties of the family in care with this person. It is therefore important to reflect on the next points:

  • It is no one’s fault; It is important to remember that everyone has the same goal of a healthy and happy life for the victim of an eating disorder … be patient and do not judge, listen and remember that it is your responsibility to do the recovery work.


  • The most frequently asked question is “why?” Regrettably, there is no easy answer. The best course of action for parents dealing with an eating disorder is to get help.
  • A wise first step is to take your daughter to a doctor simply to check the extent of the problem. If she has a complete eating disorder, it is time to seek professional counselling for her and quite possibly separate counselling for parents and other children.