Behaviour to expect

Behaviour to expect

In schizophrenic patients, we may expect them to live occasionally or even most of their time in their world without having need  to communicate with the environment.

Social isolation is one of the main characteristics of the disease.

It is often difficult to motivate them for simple activities such as maintaining hygiene habits.

Some patients are not inclined to take medication or report to a psychiatrist. They often feel that they do not need medication.

They are often very stingy in verbal expression, and emotional expression can be the opposite of usual or appropriate.

They may have unusual eating habits.

It is of the utmost importance to recognize the  early signs of a recurrent psychotic episode: this is usually characterized by stronger withdrawal, unusual speech, ocurrence or intensification of „voices” or „ images” they have or the expression of strange thoughts.   

It can be recognized if someone is listening to voices or has visual hallucinations.

The sleep cycle is often disturbed and is usually the  first to be disrupted in relapse of psychotic episode.

Sometimes the person can  show thsigns of suicidality.

Many  individuals with schizophrenia rely on the emotional and practical  help of family members  to  overcome  the disorder and  to continue their life.