The safety of the person with Autism can be a major challenge for caregivers.

Depending on the severity of the condition, the individual may not understand danger or be aware of how to prevent injury to themselves.

Safety concerns in the home

Wandering/absconding affects up to 50% of people living with Autism and is a major concern for caregivers. Other concerns for caregivers in the home may relate to: burns from touching hot surfaces or open fires, cuts from sharp objects or glass plates or cups, falls down stairs or from an upstairs window and self-injuries from head-banging or biting.

Safety concerns outside of the home

Safety may also cause concern for the caregiver outside the home as injuries and accidents are more common for people living with Autism. Walking in to traffic, water safety and drowning are more common issues for people living with Autism. The person may not understanding how to keep themselves safe in relation to strangers or dangerous social situations. Caregivers may worry about the person for whom they care and suffer sleep problems, stress and anxiety in trying to keep them safe and supervised at all times.