Common symptoms

Common symptoms of depression

  • depressed mood
  • loss of interest and enjoyment
  • decreased energy
  • feelings of guilt or low self-worth
  • Slowing down or restlessness
  • disturbed sleep or appetite
  • feelings of tiredness
  • possible suicidal thoughts

Common symptoms of mania

  • euphoric, elevated, expansive mood, irritable mood, anger
  • increased interest or pleasure
  • problems with concentration, beliefs, sense of self
  • significant change in appetite and sleep habits
  • restlessness/agitation

Common symptoms of mania

  • Suicidal thoughts and behaviour making final arrangements
  • making a will or saying goodbye to friends
  • talking about death or suicide directly, e.g. “I wish I was dead”, or indirectly, e.g. “I think dead people must be happier than us”
  • self-harm
  • a sudden lifting of mood
  • recent worsening of sleep
  • seeming restless or agitated