Impact of schizophrenia on the individual

Impact of schizophrenia on the individual

Schizophrenia brings   a change in every segment of the patient’s life. The disease significantly impairs his or her ability to participate in family and social life, daily activities, and diminishes a person’s work capacity. But we need to bear in mind that  severity, scope of symptoms and expression of illness differ widely between people.

When the symptoms recede, the patient’s environment continues to look at him through his illness, which adds an additional burden to the already diminished social capacity.

There is ongoing medication for which the patient often sees no reason, and which may have unpleasant side effects.

In addition, persons with schizophrenia can have other mental health problems like depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and particular smoking. 

The physical health is often compromised in schizophrenic patients as well.

It is a mental disorder that has the strongest stigmatizing potential. Prejudices that are linked to schizophrenia and can cause delaying or refusing treatment. The stigma of schizophrenia is not only related to the patient but also to his family. Stigma is the  reason  why  it is much more difficult for the patient to maintain social relationships and workplaces, and he/ she  remains constantly  under the magnifier  even when there are no significant symptoms.