Social Inclusion

Social Inclusion

-By connecting with other caregivers through services you attend with the person, attending support groups or chatting online, you can create social opportunities for the person you care for.

-Other caregivers of people with autism will be happy to arrange social activities and outings where the people you care for can spend time with one another.

-Every opportunity to interact and socialise is a step toward more opportunities!

-What else could help?

  • Sharing information with other people about Autism may help them to be more understanding of unusual behaviours and more welcoming to the person you care for. Teachers, students and people working in local shops/cafes will be better able to communicate with the person you care for if they know more about Autism and your loved one’s communication needs.
  • Drama, dance and craft groups often welcome people of all abilities and provide a safe place for the person to meet new people and learn new skills.
  • Social skills groups can be a great way for your loved one to meet other people and learn ways to communicate with people their own age.
  • Community groups, clubs and societies in your area may be useful for the person with Autism to interact with people who live locally.