Stigma is defined as an attribute, behavior or condition that is socially discrediting!

Alcohol and other substance abuse entails physical and psychic disorders, changing the behavior and causing individual and social damages to the consumers. This is a condition with a high stigma rate when comparing with other health problems, such as schizophrenia or depression.

Family caregivers should be aware with this problem and try to deal with!

Stigma affects families of the substance abusing persons, causing frequently:

Delay in seeking treatment
A serious problem of stigma is that caregivers tend to delay approaching medical treatment for fear of being labeled as a family with alcohol or drugs problems.

Psychological distress
The psychological distress caused by stigma may arise from worries about the role and position of the individual in society or among extended family and friends.

Social exclusion and isolation
Special concern about this condition is the stereotype of dangerous and unpredictability, which creates greater social distancing.