Strategies for the Individual

Strategies for the Individual

Responding to aggressive/violent outbursts

Spend time with the person to try to work out what they are trying to communicate when they are displaying aggression.

They may be feeling overwhelmed in relation to sensory issues.

Looking back on times of violence and aggression may help you as the caregiver to understand the cause of the outburst and try to help the person to have their needs met if this happens again.

Other reasons the person you care for may have outbursts:

  • They may be feeling pain
  • They may feel hunger or discomfort.
  • They may be trying unsuccessfully to communicate their needs

Using rewards:

Rewards for good behaviours may be useful in reducing violent outbursts and aggression. If the person has something they would like to buy, or an activity they would like to do like going to the cinema, they can work towards this with good behaviour. It is important to recognise and praise the individual when they are calm and interacting well.