Symptoms and behaviour

Symptoms and behaviour


Frequent behaviour of drug abusers:

– increased aggression and irritability;

– changes in their attitude and personality;

– sadness, lethargy, depression;

– great changes in their habits and priorities;

– engagement in criminal acts…

Depending on the substance abused, some symptoms and warning signs are more evident:

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-Alcohol changes the mood and behaviour, making it harder to think clearly; alcohol also impairs coordination

-A common sign of alcohol abuse is the aggressive and violent behaviour.

-Pay also attention to strained relations, problems at works and sleep disorder. Pay also attention to physical harm or illness.


– The consumption causes anxiety, panic attacks, delusions and hallucinations

– Abusers show decreased reaction time (delayed reactions by responding to stimuli).

– Increased blood pressure and congestion of the conjunctival vessels are the most known sign of cannabis consumption – red eyes (bloodshot).





-Euphoria and empathy for others are importante signs

-Heightened sensations: users has higher sense of sound, smell, touch,…

-Impairment of body temperature control and a foaming at the mouth can occur

-Calmness and relaxation usually occur

-Long-lasting energy and lowered inhibition

-Mouth movement like “chewing” is an important characteristic of consumers


-The effects of cocaine are strong; Contrary to other drugs, it is rare that consumers can hide it

-The consumer usually exhibits over-confidence, hyperactivity and aggressive behavior

-Dilated pupils, restlessness, feeling of burning of fingers are important signs

-Usually there is a mental obsession and the person cannot maintain a regular conversation due to their obsession over their next “hit”



-The consumption of LSD causes a serious disconnection from reality and a sensory enhancement

-Users frequently have hallucinations and delusions, accompanied by euphoria

-Also frequent are the increased sweating with dry mouth and tremors



-Heroine is a drug that prompts the consumer to do everything to consume it again

-Needle marks are a telltale sign of heroin abuse. However, new users rarely use it by injection

-Many users are really good hiding the consumption

-Frequently observed are bloodshot eyes, sudden weight loss and changes in appearance

-Financial problems and borrowing money is a common sign of heroin addiction

-Heroin is coupled with severe withdrawal syndromes

In all dependencies usually we can observe:

  • damage to relationships
  • poor work performance
  • bad health performance