What can be done for individual?

What can be done for individual?

We can help our sick family member!

Try to provide supportive environment .

Both caregiver and  ill person would benefit from  learning  about the illness.

Keep a daily routine in meals, going to sleep, and other daily activities. A daily routine predictability gives a sense of security for people with schizophrenia.

Support  the patient  without patronizing It is important  not to act as if he/ she  were a small child.

Be clear and simple in  communication .

Avoid  expression of  negative emotions,  criticism, angry reaction,

 disappointment  and arguments with other family members  in front of 

a patient. Τheir need for peace should  to be respected.


We can help our sick family member!

Learn how to identify early signs of illness.

Regular visits to the  doctor and engaging in psychosocial  therapy programs are helpful.

Choosing a trusted person, motivating them to engage in activities they enjoy, especially one-on-one activities, are also helpful.

Provide additional support, especially after psychotic relapses and hospital treatment,

Engage the person in physical activities such as exercise or walking, take care of his/her regular sleep.

Eat healthy, and avoiding taking psychoactive agents, including nicotine and alcohol.

What does not help :

Constant reminding to take the medicine: it is better to turn it into a daily routine 

Criticizing for  being passive: try to motivate him/her  for  some activities he/she used to like  and delegate some  responibilities                                       


What can be done in the case of reoccurring symptoms of psychosis:

Early signs of  reoccuring symptom of psychosis are additional social withdrawal, often depressed mood, sleep disturbances,inappropriate emotional expressions,irrational statements,signs of  hallucinations

Do not try to convince the person that his or her delusions are not realistic.

Do not shout, express anger.

Do not touch them, seek eye contact instead. It should be remembered that a person can be very upset and frightened by what they are going through. It can help calmly invite person  to sit and rest.

Reduce the noise and light in a room with as few people as possible nearby (calming effect).

What can be done in a case of suicidal thoughts or self harm

One can express suicidal thoughts in  the range from  statemnet „ the life is not worth living” or „I have to break this life” to make preparations for suicide ( save the rope,collecting medicaments etc.). Patients with schizophrenia  in 15% of cases  does commit suicide.

 It is important to refer to a psychiatrist or emergency services as soon as possible.